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Come Join Us at any of the venues we put on a show for Sunday through Saturday. Have fun and enjoy the singing.

Quality Shows

Whether you should be on stage or strictly confined to singing in the shower, you can be sure the show you see or are a part of will be high quality and full of fun.

Quality shows provided by professionals for your entertainment.

One Star to Five Star all singers are welcome at each and every show we produce.

Equipment and Services Provided by Steve Dennis

Welcome To "Love That Karaoke"

We have put this website together to provide our guests with some memoribilia, including pictures of the shows we do each week. We try to provide a good cross section of pictures from all the shows. If you do not see a picture you know was taken then simply click on the request info link and put in the name of the place you were , the date you were there and a brief description of the picture you wanted and we will try and locate it for you. If we do we will email it to you so please be sure and include your email address when requesting pictures or information.

We also have provided this site as a way for prospective customers to view what we currently do and decide if this is something you would like to have at your place.


Steve's E-mail

Email Steve if you have questions!


Below is a list of the places we currently put on a show and the days we are there. Most shows start at 9 o'clock

You may click on any link in the list to take you to that venues page on the site.


Venues and Days

Quality Services, Loads Of Fun

Are you looking for a fun career? Do have a passion for performing and singing? Can you get enthused about your work? Can you get others enthused about singing in front of people? Then perhaps a job as a Karaoke show leader is for you!!


Steve Dennis  Steve Dennis has been providing Karaoke services to Oklahoma for over a decade. His   passion for music and entertaining is a blessing to everyone who comes to one of his   shows.


Steve does not MC every show he has during the week. Several of the people who MC the shows and sing from the audience have actually been offered a record deal.. He has several MC's all of whom are talented in their own right. Each show is unique and the individuals who sing at these shows come straight from the audience. No two shows are the same and each night is a new experience. Come on over and see for yourself